Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

Photo by Eau Claire Photographics

We believe every client deserves
an expertly planned, beautiful, and well-managed event.

We set the bar high.

At Ruby and Pearl, our approach is to deliver the same standard of excellence and quality control to clients seeking the very best in planning, design, and event management that we have established through our parent company, Sapphire Events. It is our pleasure to offer our clients these same stellar services at an affordable price.


With Ruby and Pearl, you choose only the services you need, offering you a customized experience to enjoy the planning process on your terms. Our event experts are happy to offer planning, design, or event management services for your big day. Choose all three, pick any two, or select just one. It's up to you! 


We believe you should have access to experts in the field throughout the planning process to assist you in navigating the complicated logistics and detailed production requirements of event planning. We want to point you in the right direction by offering you our list of tried-and-true creative partners, who have proven to us time and again that they care as much about the end product as we do, and share in our commitment to stellar performance and customer satisfaction. We firmly believe the host/hostess deserves the glory of planning the event of a lifetime, making the process seem effortless, and of course, looking fabulous at the same time! As you take the reins in planning your own event as much or as little as you'd like, we are by your side to take the “guess work” out of the process in order to maximize your enjoyment of the planning, and deliver peace of mind.

We want to set you up for success as early in the process as possible. And at the end of the day, we want to see you dancing, laughing, and soaking up all the love in the room around you while we manage the details and logistics. Let's get started! 

You’ve got one job to do on your big day: be emotionally & intellectually present for the best day of your life. We’ll take care of the rest.

Meet our Event Managers

Photo by Kaylynn Marie

Photo by Kaylynn Marie


I'm a small-town Louisiana girl through and through, but now that I have graduated LSU as Tiger Twelve I'm proud to call New Orleans home, the city I have always dreamed of! I'm always on the search for a good time, and I am passionate about bringing out the very best in my clients' celebrations! I absolutely live for the weekends, finding the most delicious crawfish boil and seeking out the best live local music is my jam. And a (not so) little known fact about me: I have a penchant for collecting tambourines from shows and have a assortment that is rivaled by none other! 

“The first dance between bride and groom is my favorite moment of wedding day. It warms my heart to see the newlyweds smiling and singing to each other as they dance for the first time together!”

Photo by Kaylynn Marie

Photo by Kaylynn Marie


A born and bred New Orleanian, I strive to live up to the characteristics of my hometown: unique, energetic, and hospitable. I never met a wall I couldn’t talk to or a new friend to invite over for dinner. I live up to a mantra of a consistent glass-half-full attitude as well as my high school senior quote “If you want to sing out, sing out, if you want to be free, be free, there’s a million things to be you know that there are.”  After completing my undergrad in Birmingham, AL I knew there was only one town that had my heart and that was home. What other city could tend to my social butterfly tendencies?

My spirit animal is a hummingbird as I am sweet like nectar and one can always find me on social media flapping about town. I am always the first to R.S.V.P to a party and you can be guaranteed to find me being the first one on the dance floor as well. My exercise regimen is a mixture of a surf-inspired workout at City Surf, making moves to some Motown jam, and bouncing around to a 2 pm Happy Hour on a Sunday. 

“The dance between the groom and his momma gets me every time! It is definitely my favorite part of a wedding day  because my mom is my best friend. In case you were wondering, I already know our dance will be Carole King's 'You've got a friend.'"

Photo by Kaylynn Marie

Photo by Kaylynn Marie


From my taco obsession to my aggressive, but brilliant driving, and my wish that Snoop Dogg was my biological father - I'm the quintessential Los Angeles native. Yes, I know I am far away from L.A., but I'm lucky enough to call New Orleans my second home. Recently graduated from Tulane University, my obsession with this eccentric and vibrant city has driven me to stay. The combo of my easy-going and life-of-the-party personality has attracted to me a great group of friends wherever I land. Truth be told, my squad and I can be found at Hi Ho Lounge on Saturday nights grooving to the sounds of the queen DJ Soul Sister. A notorious nibbler, every plate that comes in front of me better produce a perfect bite every time because life is too short to waste on a flavorless vittles. I'm a passionate traveler and artist, and I love getting lost in cities abroad and collecting art. But don't assume I'm that cultured, as I'm a tried-and-true victim to red wine and I know what has the best bounce for the ounce! 

“Because my friends are everything to me, one of my favorite wedding moments is when the bride and her best friends start dropping it low on the dance floor.”